Carolyn Back

Director of Planning

“Connecting with my clients, listening to their dreams, and helping them navigate regulatory processes to bring their dreams to fruition is exhilarating.”

Carolyn is passionate about connecting with the community, listening to their dreams, and helping them bring their dreams to fruition. Carolyn has worked under the umbrella of several Planning specialties–from jurisdictional current and long-range planning to private land development, entitlement, and permitting.

She adeptly assists communities while working on their various Zoning Codes, Comprehensive Plans, Small Area Plans, and Master Plans.




Get to Know Carolyn

Education, Licensing, Boards, Publications, Presentations, Awards

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with Concentration in Urban Planning, Antioch University Seattle
  • APA—American Planning Association
  • AIA Eastern Oklahoma Affiliate Member
  • Urban Land Institute Member
  • Vice-Chair for the City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment.
  • Leadership Tulsa Class 49

What skills did experience teach you that formal education did not?
Listening without bias to both clients and community members has strengthened my ability to connect and relate to both parties, even when proposed development brings strong responses. Hearing everyone’s interests empowers me to help dissenting parties navigate proposed changes, uniting people in purpose as they work towards the common good of the community.

What is the biggest challenge in the Planning industry right now?
One big challenge we face is helping refocus the development mindset. The long-standing progression has been designing sprawling suburban communities with minimal amenities. Today, we want more walkable, connected, traditional neighborhoods with increased density, all while remaining mindful of development investment and impacts on the environment.

Explain one thing/situation you’ve experienced that you doubt anyone reading this has also experienced.
When living in Alaska for nine years, I flew planes on floats and skis, landing on lakes and glaciers; I delivered my best friends’ middle daughter on their dining room floor; and I was a co-host for Alaska On Location, traveling across the state doing the television talk show sharing the wonder, beauty, and quirkiness of Alaska.