Liz Rohrbacker

Liz Rohrbacker, IIDA, RID, A4LE, ALEP


“My goal for every project is to create environments that engage and inspire the people inside, and to design surroundings that respect the varied people who come through the space day after day and year after year.”

Liz has extensive experience in the design of educational facilities. She constantly educates herself on the latest studies and trends for education design and interior finish materials, synthesizing information from various sources so each environment she creates is both engaging and purposeful. Her intuitive and methodical design approach accompanied by her honesty and humility have made her a trusted adviser and highly consulted resource for KKT’s clients.


Liz is well respected and exceptionally attuned to her clients’ needs.

Get to Know Liz

Education, Licensing, Boards, Publications, Presentations, Awards

  • Bachelor of Science in Design, Housing & Merchandising with an option in Interior Design, Oklahoma State University
  • President of the Oklahoma Chapter of A4LE
  • A4LE Regional Conference Speaker, San Antonio, TX 2019
  • Oklahoma Magazine’s “40 Under 40” 2019
  • “20 under 40” Southern Region A4LE 2019
  • ALEP Certification—first woman and youngest person in Oklahoma
  • A4LE National Conference Speaker, Anaheim, CA, October 2019

What is your favorite type of project and why?

I love the challenges and rewards associated with school design. You have to be creative with school projects. School design requires maximizing square footage, minimizing cost, and extending the longevity of the building and materials all while creating a beautiful environment that fosters a love of learning and maximizes the potential of the people inside. I bear great responsibility in creating spaces that help prepare younger generations for the future.

School work also encompasses the best of all design. While working on schools I fashion classrooms, corporate spaces, agricultural buildings, technology applications, performance venues, and sports facilities; and thanks to our work with higher ed and vocational schools, we design spaces for every type of industry to better prepare the students who use them.

What do you find most rewarding in your career and working with your clients?

I love building relationships with my clients. Some of our projects span years from concept to completion, and we have repeat business, so my clients become a part of my life. The most rewarding moment is when the client sees the finished space for the first time and says it’s just like they pictured it, but better.

What do you love about Tulsa?

The things I love about Tulsa are the same things that I love about KKT. It’s the people and the relationships. Tulsa is a big city, but there are a lot of strong connections between people. People care about this city and we’re invested in making it great. And so many people (including me) go off somewhere else only to come home to Tulsa. At KKT we don’t even leave. Our office works hard, is a little bit quirky, and is really a fun place to be.