Shannon Darnell


Principal, Interior Design Lead

“I work as a problem solver by processing both what a client says and also what they may not be able to say to create design solutions that enhance their business and align their strategies with beautiful, functional, healthy spaces.”

Shannon has a background in interior design and business. She shares KKT’s commitment to the community and appreciates creating a strong working relationship with her clients. She has extensive experience with office, education and hospitality design and has delivered projects that exceed expectations and remain on budget, many with long term, repeat clients. Shannon enjoys bridging the generational gaps to create beautiful, healthy and productive environments that let all ages learn from each other.

Get to Know Shannon

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science, Marketing & Management from University of Nevada at Las Vegas
  • Associates in Applied Science, Interior Design from Tulsa Community College
  • Adjunct Faculty at Oklahoma State University
  • Adjunct Faculty at Tulsa Community College

What is your favorite thing about Tulsa?
Tulsa’s philanthropy blows me away. Hands down Tulsa is the most giving community of people in which I have lived.

What do you find most rewarding in your career and working with your clients?
I see every project as an opportunity to meet and learn from new people and expand my understanding of how buildings change who we are and how we work.

How do you keep your skills up to date with the newest trends and best practices?
I’m a perpetual learner. I am a voracious reader and love to attend industry events and conferences any chance I get.

What inspires you?
I get inspiration from studying spaces that support and shape human behavior. From the larger context of communities and neighborhoods down to the individual buildings in which we live, work, and experience life; these spaces create place—and our experiences in these places become an integral part of who we are.

If you had a free afternoon to do anything, what would you do?
Wander a mountain trail with my husband, dogs, and a camera around my neck… or take a class with a local artisan to learn a new jewelry making process!