Steve Stevens

Director of Information Technology

“The goal to achieve desired results consistently is the foundation of every other goal.”

With over 6 years of institutional architecture experience, Steve has taken his industry knowledge and has applied it to his second passion, Information Technology. Using his architecture background, he has spent the past 42 years providing an elevated approach to technology in architecture. Steve has created a stable high-tech foundation for KKT, freeing our teams of design experts to focus and creative problem solve for building and site design processes.

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science – Environmental Design degree and his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University. He has worked in 4 different states along the east coast, before planting roots in Tulsa, OK. When he is not researching the most effective and efficient ways for our office to cohesively work together through our technological system of networks, you can find him playing his guitar or riding his motorcycle on the city streets and country roads.

Get to Know Steve

Education, Licensing, Boards, Publications, Presentations, Awards:

  • Auburn University
    • Bachelor of Science degree – Environmental Design
    • Bachelor’s degree – Architecture
  • Licensed Architect – Tennessee, 1983
  • Intergraph Architectural Steering Committee – 1982 to 1990
  • CSI Award for Quality of Construction Documents – 1982

What is your favorite type of project or tech program to use and why?
Procreate for iPad, a digital art application, is one of my favorites.  I create a lot of digital art.  Procreate has an excellent selection of brushes, colors, tools, and techniques that make it a thrill to use for creative expression.  The ability to “Undo” a bad stroke or a multitude of bad strokes, makes digital art truly forgiving providing more time for creativity.

What do you find most rewarding in your career and working with your clients?
Providing people and companies with solutions tailored to their need is extremely rewarding.

What do you love about Tulsa?
The friendly attitude of its people.  Wherever you visit, wherever you live, it’s the people that make or break the experience.  A poor experience can transform into an adventure with the right people.

What skills did experience teach you that formal education did not?
Life teaches how to relate to and with others.  Formal education does not and cannot teach this. Understanding how to create and maintain good relationships is critical to excellent customer service.

What or who inspires you?
People that understand the importance of a good relationship and have the ability to cultivate those fascinate me.

If you had a free afternoon to do anything, what would you do?
Hop on my motorcycle with Linda, ride to a part of Oklahoma we have never seen before and enjoy it’s beauty.