The Archipelago

2020 forced us to think differently about design in our daily lives, especially in the workplace. To respond to this and the competition prompt put forward by Work Design Magazine, KKT embarked on a collective effort to re-think the typical office. This collaboration was the outcome of a series of interdisciplinary charrettes and resulted in the award-winning creation of ‘The Archipelago’.

The Archipelago is a series of private islands for cooperative outdoor working housed under an easily constructed cabana. Coworkers doff their business attire and are sanitized before entering the island chain. The concept plan is laid out with three island rings of workspaces that are sized based on the idea of a 6′ social distance bubble. The islands are designed to accommodate furniture that is specifically designed to arrange coworkers at proper 6’ increments. The islands range in size to accommodate two to six people and are physically separated by canals in lieu of the typical distancing stickers placed on a floor. The islands can either be used as an open office space or personal controls allow spaces to be subdivided using water curtains. The water curtains can also be used to subdivide a chain of islands for larger events. The design meets the immediate challenge for safe co-working space, while also remaining a functional, attractive space for future remote workers.

Conceptual Design

Interior Design
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Conceptual Design

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