Tulsa Public Schools Memorial High School Cafeteria and Secured Entry Remodel

Tulsa, Oklahoma

As part of the 2021 Tulsa Public Schools’ Bond Election, KKT created multiple designs for high school cafeteria upgrades, each of which reflected the school colors and personality of the school and its history. One of these facilities is Memorial High School. The project included a complete redesign of the existing kitchen, the cafeteria seating area, including the addition of a variety of seating types. The renovated cafeteria seating will contain additional technology which helps to create multi-functional spaces that can be used by teacher, student organizations, and local community groups.

As a part of the project, KKT continued TPS’s mission to create more secure entries at each of its schools. With the reconfiguration of the front office space and principal’s office, in addition to a new set of doors added to the existing entry vestibule, Memorial now has a secure entry and the staff is better able to control the flow of visitors in and out of their building.


Interior Design
Structural Engineering
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