Established in 1989, KKT has been steadfast in its commitment to delivering unrivaled standards of quality and service tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our firm thrives in a vibrant, dynamic, and creative workplace environment, embodying the vision of our President and CEO, Sarah Gould, AIA. Sarah’s leadership centers around KKT’s role in fostering community growth, supporting business and community services, and empowering the people we serve. At the heart of KKT is our passionate team dedicated to making a meaningful impact across diverse sectors. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of our company culture, empowering our team to strike a harmonious balance between work and life, ultimately propelling both our services and people to thrive. We take pride in recruiting character-driven individuals and providing them the freedom to collaboratively unleash their creativity. Join KKT in shaping a future where excellence, community, and creativity converge seamlessly.


We were born to do what we do, and we’ve worked hard to develop our skills and expertise. We love to draw, to dream, to imagine, and to share your vision. We are specialists in creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. At KKT, we continuously pursue professional development to ensure that each member of our team is current with best practices. And we pride ourselves not only in investigating industry trends but also in leading the discussion, serving as speakers at local and national conferences.

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Driven to be compassionate contributors to our community, KKT serves more than 135 organizations across northeastern Oklahoma through financial support, board service, and volunteering both corporate and personal time. We also work closely with many non-profit boards and other community-focused endeavors to visually represent their fundraising goals, empowering them to expand community services.


We put people first. This simple approach is clear in every client relationship and evident in our staff satisfaction. Our commitment to doing the right thing for every client and every project, without regard to short-term impact on the bottom line, has made us the company we are today: stable and growing, with a dedicated and fiercely loyal client base.

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One of the strengths of KKT is the diversity of our employees. We seek people who care about equity and inclusion, and our office attracts diverse, high-performing individuals. Our company is proudly woman-owned, and our workforce is more than 50% women. We are also proud to have all 5 generations of workforce collaborating within our firm. Within our company, all individuals are respected, valued, and can achieve their maximum potential. For the past 2 years KKT scored “Strength” in all five pillars (Community Outreach, CEO Commitment, Diverse Suppliers, Diverse People, Internal Policy) of the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Mosaic Inclusive Workplace Index Report. We also extend that respect and dignity to all of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we serve.

Our Human Resources department compiles and sends to the company a list of all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion events in the area every month, and encourages KKT employees to engage in the community through them. We are involved with activities and organizations that foster confidence, character, and education throughout our community. We support these efforts with our personal time, board service, corporate giving, and by providing the best possible outcomes for projects. KKT is successful partly because people who work with, and for us, know they can be their authentic selves.