Everett Steele

Everett Steele, NCIDQ, RID


“Design to grab attention, Design to make work space comfortable, and Design to create an experience for all to enjoy.”
Email: everett.steele@kktarchitects.com

Everett has experience with a variety of projects including hospitality, schools, banks, corporate offices, law firms, restaurants, bars, churches and retail spaces. His involvement begins with determining space requirements and creating a space plan that meets both functional and aesthetic goals of the end user.

With extensive experience in construction documents, furniture selection, specifications, project management, permitting and construction administrations, Everett’s objective is to design and manage each project according to the client’s needs and goals.



Get to Know Everett

Education, Licensing, Boards, Publications, Presentations, Awards

  • Bachelor of Interior Design from The University of Oklahoma
  • Registered Interior Designer State of Oklahoma
  • Board Member of the Black Chamber of Commerce Oklahoma City, OK
  • IIDA Director Elect of the Oklahoma City City Center

Why KKT? What sets KKT apart from its competitors?

We care, plain and simple. KKT cares about the client no matter how big or small the project, you mean the same. We care about your desires, your dreams, and you. We care enough to make sure we do all within our power to develop the project to comply with code and achieves the client’s ideas and dreams. KKT goes the extra mile to go above and beyond to research the project, and present ideas that fit within the project but may not have been considered yet.

What makes KKT special is that every client is not a project number but a special client that deserves special attention and is afforded a voice at the table. KKT listens.

How do you keep your skills up-to-date with the newest trends and best practices?

CEU’s presentations is one of the best ways to keep up-to-date. You can ask questions about products and also inquire about techniques and applications for current projects. They are helpful in addressing current issues. For example, during a recent Code CEU I was able to work through a code issue on current project not only with the presenter but also with those attending the presentation. We all benefited by applying the learning to a current project.

What do you find most rewarding in your career and working with your clients?

One of the most rewarding aspects of design is watching client’s ideas come to life on paper and when they start getting excited to see we have captured their ideas. But the best is watching them get excited about the finished space and seeing their dreams and ideas in real-life. It’s so rewarding feeling that I listened and help them achieve their dreams. I love helping even the smallest of clients to be able to create the space of their dreams.

What is your definition of success?

Success is an attitude, a mindset; to where you have made the effort to become the best you that you have been designed to be. Putting forth the effort to make a difference and to carry a good name. Success is to inspire others to achieve their goals and to reach beyond what they have ever dreamed.

What advice do you have for people who would like to begin a career in Interior Design?

Love what you do, and be open to ideas, change, and constructive criticism by peers. Learning to be open to new designs and design ideas are paramount to your success.

If you had a free morning and afternoon to do anything, what would you do?

Cycling is a passion. If I had time, I would ride from morning to late afternoon along a long country road to admire the handiwork of God and the beautiful country.