BAM Properties

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Bumgarner Asset Management (BAM) Properties offices out of the historic 320 S. Boston building in downtown Tulsa. KKT assisted in the renovation of the office space, while maintaining historic elements from the building. The design merges a glassy, modern interior with reinterpreted historic elements ranging from detailed moldings to herringbone flooring. The highly refined interior is balanced with moments of exposed brick and concrete from the original early 1900’s that expose the building’s history. The level of detail is carried through with the furniture selection that uses marble accents to match the existing marble installed in the main corridors of the building.

The offices line the perimeter for stellar views of downtown, and the glass fronts to the offices allow for visibility and connection for the staff. Along the glass office fronts and corridor glass, there is a dash/ dot graphic, which is Morse Code, spelling out the BAM Properties downtown locations: 320 South Boston, Mid-Continent Tower, Kennedy Building and Main Street. The café is centrally located for socializing and bringing the staff together, featuring a dart board with a regulation toe-strip incorporated into the flooring installation for accurate games. The finishes and furniture were selected with the intent to honor the past while giving a nod to the possibilities of the future.


Interior Design
Conceptual Design

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