Center of the Universe

Tulsa, Oklahoma

What if Tulsa riffed from one local iconic landmark—the Center of the Universe—and designed a development connecting the districts of downtown? A Tulsa City Councilor challenged KKT to create a park integrating pedestrians, bicycles, and scooters with a transit hub providing access to commuter and high-speed trains, buses, car ride sharing, and future modes of transportation. The idea was to retain the existing railway infrastructure while uniting Tulsa districts long separated by the network of train tracks. Our designers created an elevated development 25 feet over the tracks, including green space and new private development along a park featuring a sculpture garden, outdoor amphitheater, children’s playground, four blocks of covered parking, and a residential building. A covered amenity space shelters outdoor sports courts while providing a venue for concerts or public markets. Extensive lighting invites Tulsans and visitors to use the space around the clock, and a glass gateway marks the entrance to the transit hub below. KKT enjoys investing in imagining and creating the best future for our city.

Conceptual Design

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