Emergency Infant Services (EIS)

Tulsa, Oklahoma

KKT is working with this nonprofit as they seek to streamline and bring efficiencies to their organization, allowing them to more effectively provide services to families in financial crisis.  The project repurposes a large, existing building (which served first as a grocery store, then a library, and is now owned by EIS), allowing EIS to centralize their downtown facilities.  The shipping/receiving area accommodates multiple sizes of delivery vehicles.  Two warehouses allow greater volumes of incoming shipments to be organized while more bulk storage enables larger purchases.  Upgraded systems and better sight-lines allow accurate inventory.  Walkable forklifts access inventory on racks.  Within this 14,000 SF space, organizing and distributing donations will be considerably more efficient. After clients select items from the 2,500 SF boutique, they drive through a new covered claim area where volunteers load their selections.  A large, open waiting area, friendly reception spaces, counseling areas, and children’s play spaces complete the new facility’s welcoming beacon of hope for underserved young Tulsa families.

Renovation & Addition

Interior Design
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Administration
Furniture Services

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