Gable Gotwals

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Gable Gotwals 45,000 square foot office relocation is located on two floors at the Vast.Bank building in downtown Tulsa. The goal for the design was to increase connectivity and transparency among the team and provide more opportunity for the firm to collaborate together. The offices are visually connected with interior glazing, touch down spaces are provided throughout the office, and all enclosed conference rooms are provided with large windows to increase transparency.

The new internal staircase serves as a focal point that joins both floors of the office starting at the reception and board room area, and leads staff and visitors alike up to the 3rd floor break room and conference center. Light finishes and sophisticated interior design highlight the transparent brand. Large windows and a balcony connect the office to the Driller’s baseball stadium for a great office culture and prime office experience.


Interior Design
Structural Engineering
Furniture Selection

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