Goldie’s Grounds
University of Tulsa Collins College

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Goldie’s Grounds (powered by Williams) is a unique and fun project at the TU Collins College. Several business students in the college created a proposal to renovate an old, under-utilized break room into an active social space to support student entrepreneurs. Our design team was elated to assist TU, Collins College Dean Kathy Taylor, and the student leadership to create a more welcoming space to meet their needs and goals. Due to some constraints in the building infrastructure, our team was limited to millwork, finishes, furniture, and appliances and were able to provide a complete transformation with our design. The area includes a coffee bar (coffee provided via a partnership with local, She Brews), as well as a lounge area for connection, a high-top parsons table that could double as a sales area, and adjacent shelving and display monitors. We are honored to work on the project and excited to see what businesses the students develop using this space as their platform.


Interior Design

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