“The Crossing” Bridge Concept for Gathering Place

Arkansas River, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa’s continued investments in the Arkansas River include a pedestrian bridge replacing a historical but structurally deficient landmark. Responding to a contest, KKT designed a new iconic structure that would be recognized as “Tulsa” in photos.

Our award-winning bridge concept incorporates many vignettes and activities along its length, each named to embrace a defining piece of Tulsa history. Directed-viewing spots highlight views of Tulsa landmarks including Turkey Mountain, Gathering Place, and the Tulsa skyline. Benches provide quiet places for reflection and rest without disrupting the flow of walkers, joggers, or cyclists. Inclines create 360° views, dips form multiple fishing docks, and a small amphitheater just off the path showcase the myriad of wonders Tulsa has to offer.

The composite fiberboard deck provides minimal glare while echoing the historic structure and nostalgic experience of crossing the former timber bridge yet allowing the bridge to step into the 21st century with a modern, long-lasting, low-maintenance recycled material, limiting the chance for splinters and fire damage.

The entwined but physically separate bicycle and pedestrian paths are carved out of a series of fins, spaced to provide shade without limiting views. Twists in these trails keep visitors engaged and encourage progression and interaction at every stage of The Crossing. The bridge casts shadows unique to each season and time of day, creating dynamic perspectives on our dynamic city.

Conceptual Design

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