Bank of Oklahoma Park Plaza

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

To combine three corporate office locations into one space and create a corporate identity in downtown OKC, KKT programed and combined the functions of various BOK departments to create a more cohesive business experience.  The new corporate offices occupy the top four floors of this new building and include a board room, a community / training room, an employee café, executive offices, open office space, and a securities trading floor area.  The space also accommodates easier collaboration among workers using touchdown meeting space and web-based meeting room scheduling systems. Upscale corporate finishes were selected to create a modern and elegant interior space.  Full glass-fronted offices highlight the floor-to-ceiling exterior windows and a 360° view of downtown Oklahoma City. Elevator lobbies feature stone flooring with porcelain slab walls.

This LEED Gold-certified building inspired the Bank to incorporate LEED interior features including daylighting systems, all-LED light fixtures, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

New Construction

Interior Design

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