Jim Boulware

Jim Boulware, AIA


“I approach the design process as a problem-solving exercise. First, I listen to the clients and together we prioritize their requirements and goals, then we develop a solution that meets their needs. The aesthetic and style of the building takes its spirit from this problem-solving process, giving each project its own identity.”
Email: jim.boulware@kktarchitects.com

Jim is a passionate and dedicated leader for Architectural Design who develops amazing projects, including many of KKT’s award-winning works. He has designed many iconic buildings in Oklahoma, including the upcoming Discovery Lab, and Boys and Girls Club of Nowata, and the recently completed Hardesty Family Adaptive Sports Complex at The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges. Other notable buildings in the Tulsa area Jim lead the design work on include Unit Corporation Headquarters, Sand Springs Northwoods Elementary School, LaFortune Park Golf Course Clubhouse, Connor’s Cove Children’s Theater Addition at Hardesty Library, Standing Bear Museum and Education Center, DVIS Counseling Offices, and the Masterplan and multiple projects for Tri County Tech in Bartlesville.

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Education, Licensing, Publications, Presentations, Awards

  • Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University
  • A4LE International Virtual Conference Speaker November 2020
  • AIA Eastern Oklahoma Virtual Conference Speaker October 2020
  • AIA  Oklahoma Conference Speaker October 2019
  • Tornado Tower, Internationally Recognized Concept
  • Center of the Universe Concept for Downtown Tulsa Redevelopment
  • Arkansas River Pedestrian Bridge – Competition Finalist, AIA Eastern Oklahoma Citation and People’s Choice Awards
  • Unit Corporation Headquarters, AIA Eastern Oklahoma People’s Choice Award
  • Standing Bear Museum and Education Center, AIA Eastern OK Merit Award
  • Connor’s Cove, AIA Eastern OK Merit Award
  • Village on Main, Jenks – Competition Winner for Planning
  • Great Raft Race 2019-KKT, First Place; 2018-KKT, First Place; 2017-KKT, Second Place; 2016-KKT, First Place

What attracted you to architecture, and when did you know you wanted to make that your career?

I have the best job! I enjoy interacting with clients to understand their goals and requirements. I love being involved in determining the overall concept and vision for the project, then the creativity and experimentation in the problem-solving aspects of design. I enjoy working with contractors to ensure the overall spirit of the project is expressed throughout every construction detail. There are so many moving parts that it ensures every day is different from the day before.

Why KKT?

KKT is a great fit for me. It’s a great mix of people and project types. The office is youthful, fun, and relaxed enough that it promotes the conceptual creativity and experimentation which appeals to our academic sides, while being experienced and structured enough to deliver practical, real-world results that can be appreciated by anyone.

Why Tulsa?

I was born and raised in Tulsa, and my family is here. I’ve seen the community change and develop over the decades. Architecture provides an opportunity for me to contribute. I’ve been involved in projects in other states, but I feel like I’m most invested in projects that I live next door to or drive by every day.

What inspires you?

I have played guitar since I was young, so I tend to think in the similarities between music and architecture: both employ mathematics, structure, repetition, intervals, rhythm, harmony, dissonance, etc. I’ve found that the some of the elements and concepts behind musical compositions can inspire creative, interesting buildings as well.